Next Gen: Grab a Coffee with...Lindy Deitz

Next Gen: Grab a Coffee with...Lindy Deitz

We want our Next Gen members to have the ability to get up in front of any crowd and share their thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently.

In the last session of our 'Grab a coffee with...' webinar series for 2022, Lindy Deitz, General Manager at Campbelltown City Council, will be sharing her best tips for building confidence and public speaking. 

There will be an opportunity to chat and network with other Next Gen members for the last 10 minutes of the session.

The session will be facilitated by Samantha Fletcher, Financial Reporting Accountant at Campbelltown City Council, who is an Executive committee member of the Next Gen Member Network.

The 'Grab a coffee with...' webinars are free for members and registration is now open.

Speaker Biography

Lindy Deitz brings more than 26 years of Local Government experience to her role as General Manager of Campbelltown City, where she leads the transitional phase of one of the largest and oldest councils in the state into a transformational powerhouse delivering innovative change for its communities.

Lindy is working with all levels of government, private industry and community organisations to ensure that Campbelltown City gains the support it needs to embark on its evolution into a bustling metropolis at the southern gateway to the South West Growth Corridor. Work has begun on conceptualising the future of Campbelltown City as an environmentally focused, sustainable and liveable city. Reimagining Campbelltown is a pioneering piece of work that has been endorsed and work is underway to deliver its ambitious vision, this city centre masterplan will set the benchmark for city wide strategic and visionary planning principles.

Lindy is focused on delivering the services and facilities that the community needs and is a caring advocate for the wider southwest Sydney region, where the pressures of preserving culturally and environmentally significant items and meeting the future predicted population expansion are significant and diverse. The scale and nature of this growth is set to shape an important part of global Sydney’s future.

Lindy believes that the concept of resilience sits as the centrepiece of Sydney’s potential for success. She plays a pivotal role in Australia’s first complex City Deal proposal, working as part of a team across three levels of government which has navigated its way through a deal for the new Western Parkland City focused around the site for the second Sydney airport.

South Western Sydney is a critical part of global Sydney’s future in terms of economic productivity, cultural diversity, community cohesion, in terms of a connected network and its capacity to grow.

Lindy’s capacity to build relationships and collaborate with the wide range of stakeholders sees her placed on steering groups and boards such as Resilient Sydney Steering Committee and the Western Sydney Business Connection to contribute to building great outcomes. Lindy has forged many strong relationships in the corporate, government, institutional and community sectors.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022
10:00 am to 11:00 am
Member: free / Non Member: $55