Exploring the Scope of Service Reviews

Exploring the Scope of Service Reviews

Service Reviews


Exploring the Scope of Service Reviews, with Stephen Bunting


Local government service provision has transformed significantly over recent decades and the costs of providing services and maintaining infrastructure have been increasing considerably faster than generated income.  Given these increasing pressures, council can embark on a formal review to ensure the services they provide are relevant and financially sustainable.  But where to start, what to measure, how to progress and who to include, can make the whole process seem overwhelming.

In this session we will explore an overview of what should be included in your service review.

This includes:

Setting objectives – Explore what you want to achieve, whether it is efficiencies, responding to customer needs or improving organisational sustainability, as this will need to be clarified prior to commencement.  It is also key to define what is a service, along with its component activities, so we have clear goals and all service reviews are aligned. 

Planning a way forward – We need to develop a service review program and choose the right methodology to deliver the desired outcome.  This will include project management skills such as prioritising, aligning tasks, identifying challenges, and gathering the right information.

Stakeholder engagement – Capturing the knowledge within the organisation and in some cases external stakeholders.  What are the improvement opportunities they have identified, and how to engage stakeholders in a way that is safe and genuine.

Measure and reflection – Analysis and reporting, ensuring the recommendations are achievable, affordable and do not detract from the overall sustainability of the organisation.  Steps are identified to implement from policy, procedure, delegation and training and the organisational benefits articulated for the changes.

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Stephen Bunting

Morrison Low

Stephen is Director of Morrison Low Consultants, based in the company’s Sydney office. He has 20 years’ experience as a local government group manager, public policy analyst and project manager and 14 years as a consultant to local government. During this time, he participated in several organisational improvement projects that have given him a sound understanding of all council activities and service. Since joining Morrison Low, Stephen has led a number of service and organisation-wide review projects in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. These reviews have covered all council functions, and benefited clients though savings and efficiency gains, changes in service delivery models, service levels, funding methods and structure. Stephen believes involving key internal stakeholders in any review is critical to ensure a high level of participation and understanding of the process but also to successfully embed the changes in the organisation once the review is complete.

Thursday, 04 November 2021
9:00 am to 11:00 am
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