Service Review Training

With the release of the updated Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines (September 2021), “to encourage continuous improvement across the council’s operations, the Delivery Program must identify areas of service that the council will review during its term, and how the council will engage with the community and other stakeholders to determine service level expectations and appropriate measures” and “the Operational Plan must specify each review to be undertaken in that year.”

To assist councils in conducting the required service reviews, LG Professionals, NSW is delivering a series of workshops in collaboration with Morrison Low covering the essential elements of service reviews and provide easy to use check lists which can be adapted to suit council needs.

In this workshop we will explore what should be included in your service review.

Session One: Overview 
What is a service review 
Understanding the purpose and what you’re trying to do 
Links to the Community Strategic Plan 

Session Two: Getting Started 

Developing the Scope - what’s in and what’s out 
Establishing the Team 
Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders 
Governance Structure and Reporting Lines  
Understanding Key Influencers 

Session Three: Reviewing the Service 
Set Priorities, Timelines and Deadlines 
Analyse the Current Environment 
Review Alternatives 
Engage with Stakeholders - Seek Feedback 
Analyse Risks of Change 
Establish Performance Criteria for Change 

Session Four: Implementation 
Develop an Implementation Plan 
Develop a Change Management Plan 
Document the Changes 

Session Five: Monitor and Evaluate 
Evaluate the Review Process and Document Enhancements for Future 
Evaluate the Change Management Process and Document Enhancements for Future 
Report on Outcomes and Share Key Learnings


Member: $350

Non-Member: $450

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