2022 National Federation Award Winners


Blanche Perry Diversity and Inclusion Award 

This is a new award, and very exciting to hear what councils are doing.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award honours Blanche Perry, the first woman ever appointed to the role of Shire Clerk, at Nebo Council, in Queensland, which is now part of Isaac Regional Council.

Blanche Perry was just 26 at the time of her appointment and held the Shire Clerk role from 1908 until her resignation in 1917. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Award recognises councils that lead the way in developing a diverse and inclusive workforce through strategies, programs, policies, and practices. This award recognises and promotes the positive contribution made by a Councils that demonstrates a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion within local government.

Winner: Burke Shire Council - Staff Housing Initiative



Community Service Delivery Award


The Community Service Delivery Award recognises local councils who have used their skills and expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes for community which have made a positive difference to people’s lives. 


The Award showcases a project, program, practice or other council initiative, that delivered measurable citizen impact, outlining their innovative approaches and deliverables for how the initiative advances community wellbeing.

Highly commended: Brimbank City Council - Safer Families in Brimbank

Highly commended: Cumberland City Council - Community Support Hubs

Highly commended: City of Adelaide - Permit Assessment Process


Winner: Ipswich City Council - Children's Library



Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award is an individual award that recognises a rising star, aged 35 or under, currently working in local government. 

The Award recognises young professionals who have already made a notable contribution to the sector and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

Winner: Cassie Curruli, Shire of Harvey



Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Award

The Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Award recognises councils that have developed and/or delivered ambitious decarbonisation strategies which put them on a net-zero carbon trajectory. 

Entrants for this category are not required to have a firm net-zero target in place, but our judges will be looking for credible strategies or actions which seek to drastically reduce emissions through clean technologies, innovative energy systems and unique management approaches.

Highly commended: Logan City Council - Net Zero and Next Gen Climate Change Resilient Council

Highly commended: City of Cockburn - Renewable Energy Program


Winner: Darebin City Council - Victorian Energy Collaboration



Innovative Management Initiative Award

Innovative Management Initiative Award celebrates outstanding councils using innovative ideas and solutions to tackle challenges facing their operations and services. 

Nominees must describe the problem or challenge faced, and the approach taken to remedy it, with an emphasis on showcasing expertise, innovation, initiative, and the value of the outcome.

Highly commended: Central Coast Council - Fleet and Driver Management Transformation

Highly commended: City of Stirling - Relationship Management System


Winner: Wollondilly Shire Council - The Integrated Service Delivery Program Project



Partnerships and Collaboration Award

The Partnership and Collaboration Award recognises a council which has joined a business relationship with one or more organisation to achieve shared goals which deliver an identifiable community benefit. 

The benefit can be a project or service models that serve and strengthen the greater community good.

Highly commended: Shire of Donnybrook - BALINGUP - Station Square Precinct

Highly commended: Shellharbour City Council - The Waterfront, Shell Cove


Winner: Baloone Shire Council - The Hub



Raymond West Lifetime Achievement Award

This is also the first time this award will be given.

The Raymond West Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates and recognises those who have been in the local government for over 25 years. 

Raymond West was the Town Planner in Shepparton, in country Victoria, from 1927 to 1960. West exemplified a life dedicated to public service. His legacy includes founding the organisation that grew into LG professionals.

The award is for an individual in recognition of significant and enduring contribution to the local government sector, and for valuable enrichment of the community. 

Winner: Graeme Fleming, PSM, Fellow