Professional Development Bundles

Professional Development Bundles provide opportunities to develop your staff through membership of LG Professionals, NSW as well as our range of events, programs and training courses.
Designed as a reward and recognition tool, the Professional Development Bundles provide council with the opportunity to reward up and coming staff with the benefits of membership, and allocated training and conference attendance across the team in line with your training and development plans. Each package includes a number of individual memberships and next gen memberships.


Individual Membership can be awarded to anyone at council who satisfies the eligibility for membership as outlined in the association’s Membership Policy (available on our website). Members allocated under the Professional Development Bundle will receive all benefits as outlined for Individual Members under the Membership Policy. 

Next Gen Membership is as above, however this membership is to be provided for members under the age of 35.

Should a nominated member under your bundle leave council during the term of the bundle, council is free to re-allocate that membership to another staff member, however their membership will expire in line with the renewal date of the bundle.

Professional Development Credit

Council will be provided with a credit to the value indicated on the chosen bundle, which can be put towards any professional development activity offered by us. Please note, this credit is unable to be put towards any 'add on' services such as accommodation or optional meals. For example, you can use the credit to pay for a conference registration but it is not able to be put towards accommodation. 

For more information or to sign up, contact Troy Dowd on 02 8297 1209 or via [email protected]


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