USA Delegation and ICMA Conference

Join our Delegation to the USA and visit several local councils and attend the ICMA Conference in Pittsburgh


In 2024 LG Professionals NSW is offering members the opportunity to participate in the upcoming delegation and then attend the ICMA Conference in Pittsburgh. Details of which councils we will visit and what projects they will showcase are still being finalised, however, you will have three days of council visits, with each showcasing different projects and the chance to connect with local council professionals.

What is included when you purchase the Delegation:

· Curated Council visits, where you will learn about projects from other councils
· Accommodation while on the delegation and during the conference
· Registration to the ICMA Conference, Pittsburgh
· Transport between all council visits for the delegation
· Lunch and dinner while part of the delegation
· Lunch during the conference and any included dinner functions selected at the conference

So why attend the ICMA Conference? This is one of the largest gatherings of local government professionals in the world! The ICMA conference includes:

· Choice of over 200 educational offerings
· Hearing from over 450 speakers
· Meeting with over 200 exhibitors
· Opportunity to connect with over 5000 delegates

Registration to be part of the delegation is $9,500 including GST for Members.  Non-Members are not permitted to register, please email [email protected] to become a member.

18/09/2024 - 25/09/2024
Registration not available.



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