Professional Development Bundles

Professional Development Bundles provide learning and development opportunities for your staff through membership with Local Government Professionals, NSW.
Designed as a reward and recognition tool, Professional Development Bundles provide council with the opportunity to reward up-and-coming staff with the benefits of membership, and allocate training and conference attendance across the team in line with your learning and development plans. Each package includes a number of individual memberships and next gen memberships for you to assign, as well as a credit to put towards training, conferences or programs run by LG Professionals, NSW.

Please note: prices above are not inclusive of GST.


Individual Membership can be awarded to anyone at council who satisfy the eligibility for membership as outlined in the association’s Membership Policy. Members allocated under the Professional Development Bundle will receive all benefits as outlined for Individual Members under the Membership Policy. 

Next Gen Membership is as above, however this membership is to be provided to members under the age of 35 years.

Should a nominated member under your bundle leave council during the term of the bundle, council is free to re-allocate that membership to another staff member, however their membership will expire in line with the renewal date of the bundle.

Professional Development Credit

Council will be provided with a credit to the value indicated on the chosen bundle, which can be put towards any professional development activity offered by us, subject to event terms and conditions.



Please contact Brooke Atkinson, Membership Manager on 02 8297 1212 or [email protected] 


Terms and Conditions

  • Professional Development Bundles are based on an annual, renewable subscription, invoiced directly to the council.
  • Professional Development Bundle benefits will be made available to council upon payment of the Professional Development Bundle invoice.
  • Once payment has been received, council will have the opportunity to nominate staff members to receive membership and other benefits. It is council’s responsibility to ensure all nominated staff members return fully completed membership forms. Where council staff fail to return this information, no refunds will be provided for lost member benefits.
  • Should council wish to transfer existing individual members under their bundle, the member must consent to this in writing acknowledging that their membership tenure will be reset to zero and cannot be restored at a later date.
  • Those staff nominated to receive the membership component will be considered individual members under the Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW Membership Policy, receive the associated benefits and will be bound by the Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW Code of Conduct.
  • Bundle members are able to access all individual member benefits.
  • Once nominated staff have been provided membership, councils can only reassign that membership to another staff member should the nominated contact leave council or at the time of the bundle membership renewal. No prorataring of bundle fees will be considered for lapsed time in reallocating the membership.
  • If council wishes to purchase additional memberships over and above what’s included in the Professional Development Bundle – this will be negotiated with the individual council. Multiple bundle packages can be purchased by the one council.
  • Should the staff members nominated to receive membership leave council, they are entitled to apply for Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW individual membership when they commence employment at another council. Should the nominated staff member leave council and not re-enter employment with another council, they will not be entitled to apply for individual membership.
  • The professional development credit does not need to be allocated to the same staff members nominated for the membership component. Therefore, it can be used by any staff member employed by the council.
  • Use of the professional development credit must be authorised by the key bundle contact at time of booking.
  • All components of the bundle are required to be completed with within twelve months of purchasing the bundle. Credits cannot be carried over to the following year.


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