Membership with Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW will provide you with thought-leadership to help develop your career. We offer our members peer to peer networking, professional support and industry insights that give you practical and professional educational pathways, enabling you to reach your career aspirations.

Our members are the leaders in the sector, those who are committed to their careers and those that want to make a difference. By working together, we create a stronger sector.

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Next Gen

Membership for under 35s


The perfect membership for anyone employed in NSW local government.


Stay connected with the association and your peers as you enjoy retirement.

Next Gen Membership

Next Gen Membership bridges the gap between the current and next generation of leaders by formulating a program of events and forums to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experience, skills and networks between the generations. Next Gen Membership is for those employed in local government under the age of 35 years of age.

Your Benefits

  • Take advantage of membership at a reduced rate whilst you build your local government career
  • Exposure to the various professional fields in local government through our member networks
  • Automatic inclusion into the Next Gen Member Network and invitations to associated activities
  • Exclusive access to our new Peer Connections events to help grow your professional network


Professional Membership

Professional Membership is available to anyone employed in NSW local government.

Your Benefits

  • Build your professional network through our various member networks
  • Access a range of resources and on demand content
  • Contribute to the direction of the sector through advocacy
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Be recognised for you professional experience


Retired Membership

Any current member who is over 58 years of age, who is no longer employed or working in a paid capacity, but has worked in local government for more than 12 months is eligible to apply for retired membership.

Professional membership must be held for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to applying for retired membership status.

Your Benefits

  • Maintain connected to your professional association
  • Be a part of our Golden Oldies Network
  • Give back to the sector trough our peer support and mentoring programs

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