Peer Placement Program

The Peer Placement Program (PPP) provides members with an opportunity to gain practical skill development in their chosen field, while immersing themselves in the operations of another council, by spending time with experienced practitioners who can share knowledge and expertise.

Apply for a Peer Placement Today!

LG Professionals, NSW members are invited to express interest and apply for our funded Placement Program, which occurs quarterly. 

Nominations are open for the next quarter, commencing in July 2024. 

How does it work?

Members complete an expression of interest form, outlining the council(s) they would like to be placed in, the areas they would like to develop in and their preferences for dates.

Members can request to be placed in more than one council; however, they should consider how they will transfer between the chosen councils.

LG Professionals, NSW will reach out to the council(s) that the member has expressed in and secure an agreement for the member to spend time with the nominated team.

Once this agreement has been reached, the member can arrange travel and accommodation.

How does the funding work? 

Upon completion of the placement, the member should complete an expense reimbursement form including receipts. Once this has been received, LG Professionals, NSW will reimburse the member, or council, the costs of participating in the program up to $1,500.

Key responsibilities?

The member will:

  • Complete an application form
  • Ensure their council is supportive of being involved in the program
  • Manage their travel/accommodation arrangements
  • Attend the placement once confirmed (excluding extenuating circumstances)
  • Follow safety and WHS instructions of the council they are placed with
  • Complete a post placement report and/or present their experience at an upcoming event 

LG Professionals, NSW will:

  • Match the member with their chosen council
  • Facilitate introductions between the council and the member
  • Reimburse the member/council for expenses upon receipt of invoices up to the value of $1,500
  • Assist with any troubleshooting during the placement
  • Not be liable for any incidences that occur during the placement

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an individual* member of LG Professionals, NSW and have been for at least 6 months
  • You are a permanent employee of a council in NSW
  • You are serious and motivated to enhance your professional development in local government



For further information on this program, please contact Brooke Atkinson, Membership Manager at [email protected] or 02 8297 1212

Rachel Peacock

Governance Officer, Snowy Valleys Council

Placement with City of Ryde April 2023

Christine Cotterill

Governance Manager, Lismore City Council

Placement with Tamworth Regional Council June 2023

Caitlin Flint

Coordinator (Governance & Legal), Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

Placement with Wollongong City Council November 2023

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