Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Each scholarship recipient will be bound by the variable conditions of the scholarship applied for, in addition the following terms and conditions apply to all scholarships awarded by LG Professionals, NSW:
  • Scholarship recipients agree to be bound by the LG Professionals, NSW Code of Conduct, the laws of Australia, the policies of their employer and local government and in the case of the overseas manager exchange, the laws of the country they are undertaking their scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients agree to comply with the requirements of the scholarship as specified on the scholarship application form.
  • Scholarship recipients must demonstrate that their council’s general manager supports their participation in the scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients must ensure they have read and understood the full requirements of the specific scholarship they are applying for.
  • Scholarship recipients travelling overseas are responsible for ensuring they meet all visa, passport and travel insurance requirements. LG Professionals, NSW will not be required to administer or pay for these requirements.
  • All applicants should be employed full time or full time equivalent in a council in NSW.
In addition:
  • Whilst holding a position on the LG Professionals, NSW board, no board member can apply for, or be awarded, an LG Professionals, NSW scholarship.
  • Executive committee members (LG Professionals, NSW Committees or Member Network Committees) may apply and be awarded a LG Professionals, NSW scholarship position whilst holding a current position on a committee, however, they must step down from any judging panel position they might hold for that scholarship in that year to ensure an objecting process is followed.
A limit of one LG Professionals, NSW scholarship per person, per calendar year, is available to ensure multiple members and professionals are able to receive professional development opportunities.  

LG Professionals, NSW reserves the right to withdraw any offer of scholarship should a breach of these terms and conditions occur.