AI Bootcamp - From Zero to Hero


AI is changing everything we know. AI's like ChatGPT and Google BARD are advanced language models that use artificial intelligence to generate human like responses from user input.  They have a wide range of potential use with the ability to understand language and context, as well as generate graphics and sound.

It is important to understand the scope of AI, and the associated risk of using sensitive data and protect privacy, to effectively harness their use.  In this session we will explore the different options for using AI effectively and safely to improve efficiency and productivity. 

Topics include:

  • Current uses of AI in your business
  • How to use prompts to achieve the best results
  • Summarising and extracting information
  • Composing and automating written tasks
  • Excel and automating spreadsheets
  • Rules for safe and appropriate use
  • Improve communication, problem solving and leadership
  • Create amazing images using prompts and parameter modifiers




Who Should Attend

This course would benefit all employees in local government that are responsible for researching or producing reports.  Delegates will leave this course with a clear understanding of how to use AI safely and effectively to improve their productivity and effectiveness.

Benefits for the Delegate

Participants will gain the skills essential to utilise artificial intelligence tools effectively and safely.

Benefits for Council

Councils will benefit from this program by outlining clear processes for the safe use of AI to protect sensitive data and privacy.

David O'Keefe

David has a passion for technology and was the first graduate of an Information and Technology and Communication degree in Australia, providing him a strong technical foundation. This afforded him many professional opportunities and career roles, reinforced by his personal study and exploration. 

He is passionate about improving employees skill and effectiveness in the workplace, which is aligned to the development of supportive AI programs that can help research, summarise and reword, improving the quality and quantity of work output.  His experience also provided insight to the challenges and risks associated with some of these technologies, which he shares and promotes throughout all of his training sessions.


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  10:00am - 1:00pm
 Course facilitated online

 Members $250

 Non Members $350

 Enquiries:  Gavin Carnegie
 Phone:  02 8297 1211
 Email:  [email protected]