The Facilitator's Toolkit

Are you responsible for leading meetings, workshops or community conversations and want to make sure you’re doing it well?

Do you facilitate group conversations where you need to ensure open, respectful discussion, collaboration or consensus?

Would you like some practical tools for making sure that any group discussions are productive and ultimately lead to action?

This workshop is highly interactive and extremely practical. Whether you facilitate workshops, meetings or community conversations, you will leave with a toolkit of activities you can use in any situation. It doesn't matter if you're new to facilitation or you just want to expand your facilitation toolkit—this workshop is for you.

In this 2-day in-person workshop, you will:

✅ Learn how to facilitate the right conversation, in the right way.
Great facilitation requires a well thought-out sequence of discussions. Learn how to plan a step-by-step workshop that ensures participants are taken on a logical journey, with relevant activities, rhythm and engagement.

✅ Discover ways for sharing information in a way that sticks.
Whether you're facilitating a training session for thirty, or a Board meeting for six--there is always an element of information you need to bring to the room. Learn how to shape up key principles in a way that creates 'aha' moments for everyone involved.

✅ Gather simple tools for encouraging open discussion, collaboration and consensus.
There is more to workshop design than "break into groups and share back". In this workshop you will gather a bunch of new activities, tools, tips and techniques for creating a workshop that is both engaging and productive. How can you get groups to go below the surface and have meaningful discussions in a productive way.

✅ Practical techniques for managing workshop challenges and disruptions.
Not everyone arrives at a workshop with an open mind and ready to engage. Discover simple ways to challenge behaviour, disrupt power dynamics, and keep the workshop on-time and on-track.

✅ PLUS learn how to apply all these ideas in an online workshop too!

The course facilitator, Kerri Price, shares her insights and excitement the workshop in the video below. 

 Enquiries:  Mary Vincent
 Phone:  02 8297 1215
 Email:  [email protected]


 9 & 10 April 2024

   9.00 am to 5.00 pm

 The Adina, 17 Bourke Road Mascot

 Member: $1250

 Non-Member: $1550




Kerri Price | The Facilitators Network | New Zealand

Kerri is an enthusiastic facilitator with experience working across the public, private and community sectors. She has facilitated over 1300 meetings and workshops, and has worked everywhere from conference centres to church halls, board rooms to factory floors.

Over 20 years, Kerri has used her facilitation skills to deliver skill-based training, as well as the facilitation of process and conversation. If it involves bringing together a group of people to discuss, explore, debate, decide and ultimately take action—then she has probably done it!

Kerri is passionate about making a positive difference in the world and believes that great facilitation can help create change where it matters most. She also recognises that she can’t be a part of every conversation, in every community, about every topic—which is why she started The Facilitators Network.

Her vision is for a world full of skilled, confident facilitators who are having conversations that matter.