Member Networks

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW has fostered the development of member networks to facilitate the networking of local government professionals with like interests. These member networks are at the heart of what we do and an invaluable resource for local government professionals, for information sharing and networking. We encourage all of our members to participate in our member network activities and further information on each of the networks can be accessed below. 

Finance Professionals

Supporting, promoting and developing local government finance professionals and promoting the professional image and recognition of finance professionals in the industry.

Golden Oldies

Providing a forum for long serving and/or retired industry practitioners to facilitate ongoing contact and networking with their peers and to provide a source of experience and expertise which may otherwise be lost to Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW and to the sector.


The Network supports, promotes and develops local government governance practitioners and professionals. This member network highlights and contributes positively to governance issues within the industry. 

Integrated Planners

Covering a wide area of interest including management planning, organisational performance, benchmarking, reporting, best practice and business improvement, the Network provides a forum for learning, sharing and networking.

Next Gen

A group of emerging leaders in local government, who are passionate about the sector and dedicated to their careers.

Digital Innovation

This Network aims to keep members informed on the continuously changing areas of migration, automation and innovation in data and technology.

Upcoming Events and Programs

Begin DateNameCityEvent Code
4/07/2024Governance Member Network ForumTamworthGOVF40724GOVF40724
4/09/2024Integrated Planners Conference IPR2024IPR2024
21/11/2024Governance Member Network Forum GOVF211124GOVF211124